Long Week

This week was just one of those “too busy to run”weeks.

Monday: I think I just rested today. At least that was the plan.


Oh, here is my dessert from Cap City. It was spectacular.

Tuesday: The day I realized that joining LA Fitness was a terrible idea. Jeremy and I went to the gym and the employees were being extremely difficult (to make a long story short).

Ran 3 miles in 30:00Deadlifts 3X10 (20 lbs +bar)
Shoulder press 3X10 (15 lbs ea)
Lat Pulldown 3X10 (55 lbs)
Lunges 3X10 (10 lbs ea)
Swiss ball crunch 3X10

Had some Birthday dinner w/friends at Mongolian BBQ!

Here…enjoy a picture of a butterfly.






Wednesday: Took the day off.

Thursday: Took another day off. I worked a lot this week.

Also had some Birthday dinner w/my DXP sisters at IHOP!!


3 mile run (to make up one of the runs I missed)
Dumbbell Squats 3X10 (8.8 lbs ea)
Push Ups 3X10
Bent-over Dumbbell Row 3X10 (8.8 lbs ea)
Ab workout

Comfest and the best pizza ever after my workout.



Saturday: BIRTHDAY CAKE for breakfast!


Rest day today.


7.2 mile hill run. I felt pretty good by the end of the run. It seems that I’m actually starting to get in better shape! A few weeks ago if I tried to run up hills, I’d be exhausted. Now just to focus on eating healthier.

Dinner was pretty tasty. Pesto salmon mmm.


Alright…Time to eat some leftover cake!!! I think with my 7 mile run I earned it. 😀

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Cap City Diner

Today was supposed to be a cross day. I walked my roommates dog on the mile loop around my place and plan to walk him again.

Also, I ate so much food at Cap City Diner, which is pretty delicious! Of course I had to document it.




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85 Degrees

Well, I think I decided on training with the Novice 1 plan after a 6 mile run in 85 degree weather. Also, first sunburn of the summer!

Recap time.

Thursday: 3 mile run with Jeremy
Squats 3 x 10 (8.8 lbs ea dumbbell)
Push ups 3 x 10
Bent over dumbbell row 3 x 10 (8.8 lbs each)
Lunges 3 x 10 (8.8 lbs each)
Leg lifts 3 x 10

Friday: rest day

Saturday: 6 mile run 11:40 min/mile

I’m exhausted and I really need to get more focused on nutrition so don’t be surprised if I start posting pics of my food again! However, now that I’m almost a week into my training it’s becoming more real that I’m actually going to try running a full marathon!


Trailside from my wednesday run


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Novice 2…err…1?

Well, today I guess I sort of failed. I planned to run 5 miles at a 9:09 pace.

3 miles later. F this.

I’m thinking maybe I should just stick to Novice 1. But now to look at why I failed at this run.

1. I basically was mentally unprepared because I knew that I would only have to run 3 miles for Novice 1. When I’m sweaty and thirsty with the potential of 2 miles to go…I’d rather just call it a day.

2. I started out WAY too fast. I’m pretty sure my first mile was under 9 minutes.

3. Speaking of going too fast, I had no way of measuring my pace because I was running outside on the trail.

So, maybe I won’t give up on Novice 2 just yet. If a run says it’s a pace run…I think my best bet is to go to the gym and run it on the treadmill (at least until I can estimate my pace well enough).

Luckily, tomorrow is a 3 mile run for both programs.

I have 1 or 2 photos from my run, which I will try to post tomorrow. I’m beat. Nighty night occasional reader.

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18 Weeks to 26.2

Woah. I forgot I had this blog. Maybe I should start keeping up with it because yesterday marked Day 1 of my 18 week marathon training plan!!! That’s right…26.2 glorious miles. I’m hoping to update this daily to reflect on how my training is going.

Day 1: Rest Day! It also happened to be a special someone’s birthday. ❤ So we celebrated with Cheesecake Factory. I now have a 2 day cheesecake food baby.

Here are the goals that I am considering trying to accomplish with my first full marathon.

  1. FINISH the race.
  2. Potentially not JUST finish the race, but finish the race in 4 hours (or less)
  3. Finish the race…GRACEFULLY. (No public bodily functions or injuries please) 

Objectives to reach goals:

  1. Hal Higdon Novice 2 Marathon Training Plan-follow it unless I feel like it’s too much…then switch to Novice 1.
  2. Strength train twice a week.
  3. Quit eating like I’m at a 24/7 buffet. NO MORE CHEESECAKE (unless special occasions) Myfitnesspal will definitely help me control how much I should be eating. I feel like once my mileage goes up I will want to eat everything in sight. Bad idea for a sub-4 hour marathon.
  4. Read stories about people completing their first marathons. Luckily, I own a book of first marathon stories. Check.
  5. As far as the no public bodily functions go…I think my diet will play a big part on that. And not trying to be so tough to skip the Port-a-Potty.

So there it is. Objectives & goals. Now a recap on Day 2.

Day 2:

  • 3 mile run (10:00/mile)
  • Deadlifts 2X12 w/60lb barbell
  • Seated shoulder press 2X12 w/15lb dumbbells
  • Lat pulldown 2X12 w/55lbs
  • Lunges 2X12 w/10lb dumbbells
  • Swiss ball crunch 2X10

Eating healthy did not happen today due to the delicious Cheesecake Factory leftovers. Tomorrow is a new day. (Also, leftovers are gone).

Tomorrow is a 5 mile pace run! This oughtta be interesting. 9:09 pace/mile is the goal. This may determine whether or not I go down to the Novice 1 plan.

Here’s a song to make this post less boring.




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Recap Week 3

I’m going to make this post brief because I was in Chicago and I had trouble keeping track of everything.

But I did buy shoes today!!!!! Mizuno Wave. $122 :-/ Hope they are worth it!

Here is my workout recap. Let’s forget about the nutrition part…like I said…I was in Chicago.


  • Rest


  • 3.5 Mile Run
  • Ab workout


  • 6X400@7:42/mile


  • 3 mile run


  • Rest


  • Rest


  • 5K @26:14


  • Dumbbell squat 3X12
  • Dumbbell press 3X12
  • One-Leg Dumbbell Russian Deadlift 3X12
  • Crunches


  • 3.5 mile run
  • Crunches 3X12
  • Bicycles 3X12
  • Side Planks 3X30 seconds
  • Plank 3X30 seconds
  • Leg Raises
  • Full body Crunch


  • 1 mile warmup
  • 30 min tempo (I was supposed to do 35, but I had a migraine and was exhausted. 😦 )


Deep dish pizzaimage

Chicago skyline at night from the Willis Towerimage

Vegetarian Pad Thaiimage

Bug at the Field Museumimage

Apple and Pecan salad at Bennigan’simage

Omelet, red velvet pancakes, and mocha iced coffee at IHOP!image

Dinosaur at Field Museumimage

Dolphin at Shedd Aquariumimage

American Gothic at The Art Instituteimage

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Am I Done Yet?

Today I ran 7.3 miles when I was only supposed to run 6. Yay for not knowing where I was supposed to turn around!

I used my new camelbak that Jeremy got me for my birthday. It’s so nice to not worry about being thirsty!

For some reason I feel heavier than usual, but my diet seems pretty good.


-Breakfast: Kashi heart to heart with vanilla soy milk, International Delight mocha iced coffee
-Lunch: peanut butter and jam sandwich, almonds, carrots, and canned peaches
-Dinner: falafel wrap, lentil soup, hummus and pita @ Lashish the Greek
-Dessert: roasted pineapple shortcake

Today wasn’t too bad considering that I ran way too much. It is a little disheartening to look at Olympic marathon times and the runners lean muscular bodies though. Must stop pinteresting!!





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