Two roads

Reading things that I’ve written in the past makes me sad. I do not feel as creative as I once was, and even then I felt inadequate. While this blog is about running, I don’t have much to write about on that topic. I cannot physically or mentally run the half marathon this year. I’m more disappointed in myself than I’ve been in a long time. I’m on this path that I feel is wrong. I want to feel like I’m in the right career and I just feel like I’m losing myself. I remember why I went in to this field, but it just does not feel like it’s enough. Every single day I’m sad. I have so many things to be happy about, but work pulls me down. I want to do something I love. I want to feel creative again. I love singing and I’ve always wanted to write a book, but I never feel like I’m good enough to make a career out of what I love. To everyone on the outside, I’m successful. I have a master’s degree and I’m earning a living wage. Then why do I feel so small?

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