How Did I Get Lost Running On A Trail??

It seems like the directions of running on a trail are pretty straightforward. Just stay on the path. But no, I decided “Hey, look at this cool bridge. I think I’m supposed to cross it.” 

Consequence…ran 2 miles less (fewer?…I’ll have to ask Mike, the ENGLISH major!) than I was supposed to because I overestimated how long I was off the trail. 


10.28 miles 
1hr 57min

This run was very scenic. Buck Creek State Park! Unfortunately, my battery on my NEW phone was really low so I couldn’t take any pictures. Boo. I saw a groundhog, 2 large slobbery dogs that were adorable (and slobbered on me of course), a raccoon, ducks, geese, bicyclists, runners, people fishing, and a creepy dude smoking a cig (I’ll add that I ran pretty fast past him). Fun times. 

Now time to have a quick recap on my former training runs. We’ll go backwards, shall we.


6.01 miles
58min 07sec

I felt kind of crappy, but I really wanted to run at a decent pace today. 


3.1 miles
Around 28 minutes
Too lazy to calculate the pace…let’s just say slower than I would like for a 5K. I also lifted afterwards. 

Squats 3X10 (40lbs total)
Push Ups 3X10
Seated Row 3X10 (no idea how heavy because the weights weren’t labeled…I’ll guess 40lbs)
Leg Lifts 3X10 
Lunges 3X10 (20lbs total)

Saturday 7/27

7.01 miles
1hr 22min 43sec

I felt like such a slowpoke. But I did have to take a detour and climb a lot of steps so that may have made my pace slower. 

Wednesday 7/24

10.01 miles
1hr 48min 33sec

Today, I really felt great. I just moved to a new city and it was a nice change of scenery. There has also been a lot of stressful situations so a long run was just what I needed to feel better. 


So that’s about as far as I can remember. 

Go to The Berry for Daily Motivation

It’s my new obsession.  





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