Sometimes when I run, I run to beat my best time.

Sometimes I run to train for a race.

Sometimes I run because of guilt from eating that piece of cake.

Today I ran for therapy.

I’ve been taking a couple days off because I’ve been sick. I decided to hold off on my 10 mile run until Tuesday or Wednesday. I’ve also been in the process of moving so things are a little crazy.

I had no choice today. I had to run. I needed this run.

So I started on the treadmill…listening to Mayday Parade (old school), with a 6.0 mph pace. The problem with the treadmill is that I hate having to mess with the buttons to figure out how fast I want to go. 6 mph wasn’t enough. I needed more. Eventually I changed my pace to 7.3 mph. I felt free…even while running in place, with a phlegmy cough. This is my happy place. And I am not sure why.

Well, I guess science can say why…but that’s another topic.

When people run, they may be asked “What are you running from?” to those who are not used to the runner’s lifestyle. But I guess if you think about it…maybe we’re all running from something. Weight gain. Mediocrity. Loneliness. You name it.

I run when I need to fight the ‘demons’ I have.

You know, that voice inside your head that says you’re a terrible person because you’re not good enough, not pretty enough, not strong enough, not worthy. The thing that wants you to lose faith in humanity…but most importantly, the thing that wants you to be your worst self, whether it’s expressed through anger, sadness, grief, apathy, etc.

Today, this was my run.

*Oh hey, person. If you are still reading this…congratulations! This is one of the few posts I actually wrote that included some feeling. Usually I just write what I ate, or what I ran, and short thoughts. If you dislike this style, it probably won’t last long. I’ll sure enough go back to keeping this blog less of a ‘diary’ and more of “Hey I ran 3 miles today and ate cake”.

But today…it was therapy.

And now for some Daily Motivation. Courtesy of The Berry.




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