Look how awesome I look. πŸ˜€ I had to take a picture of my Camelbak. I love it, but when I plan on running around town I kind of feel like a weirdo.

I ran 5 miles today in 1 hour. Blurgh. It was ridiculously hot outside so I guess 12 min miles isn’t so bad.

I dreaded every time I had to run with no shade. And of course I picked a main street that had hardly any trees. :-/ Also, Camelbak was my best friend. Hydration!!!

After my run today, I started thinking…hey…I bet if I worked hard enough…I could be really awesome at this running thing. I mean…I did just run 5 miles in sweltering heat.

Then I rationalized with myself…Awesome runners don’t take an hour to run 5 miles…even in 100 degree weather.

And then I fantasized again…well maybe if I changed my diet! I have been reading It Starts with Food, which is about the 30 day Paleo challenge. Sounds like it is worth a shot…if only I wasn’t a pescetarian. It’s kind of difficult to try paleo when you don’t eat meat.

I also got Vegan for Her from the library, which I will read afterwards.

Maybe I’ll be a Paleo Vegan!!! That wouldn’t make my life and everyone’s lives (who plan to eat with me) difficult at all! πŸ˜€

Too many choices make life difficult.

I said I would start posting pics of my food…but then I decided that most of the food I eat is not worth taking pictures of. Ah well.

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