Antrim Lake




So I’m a little behind on my posts. No surprise. I had Jeremy drop me off at Antrim Lake so I could enjoy a different atmosphere while running 9 miles. It was nice for awhile. I took this picture of the lake right before I started.

9 miles in 2 hours. That’s a pretty terrible time for me. However, I did stop at a Port-a-Potty and meet a new friend.


This is the bridge past the lake. I decided to also spend some time taking pictures while running. Why not?


And here is my new friend, the turtle. He/she hissed at me when I touched his/her shell. I’ve never had a turtle hiss at me before (and I grew up hanging out in creeks!). Those city turtles…


He/She is awfully angry…


And now no longer wants to be my friend.

Side note…for some reason my spellcheck is in French and it’s kind of driving me crazy.

Okay so I guess I haven’t posted since July 5th. Let’s try to recap…

I did my 5 mile run on Saturday the 6th.

Sunday: skipped cross training (I never really know what to do on these days)

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: I think I skipped my 3 mile run.

Wednesday: I think I skipped my 4 mile run…I’ve been pretty terrible that week.

Thursday: Decided to run 4 miles instead of 3 since I skipped a couple days. Also, I have been skipping lifting. It really sucks not having a gym…

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 9 mile run. Okay now this post is caught up. Time to move on to the next!

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