Long Week

This week was just one of those “too busy to run”weeks.

Monday: I think I just rested today. At least that was the plan.


Oh, here is my dessert from Cap City. It was spectacular.

Tuesday: The day I realized that joining LA Fitness was a terrible idea. Jeremy and I went to the gym and the employees were being extremely difficult (to make a long story short).

Ran 3 miles in 30:00Deadlifts 3X10 (20 lbs +bar)
Shoulder press 3X10 (15 lbs ea)
Lat Pulldown 3X10 (55 lbs)
Lunges 3X10 (10 lbs ea)
Swiss ball crunch 3X10

Had some Birthday dinner w/friends at Mongolian BBQ!

Here…enjoy a picture of a butterfly.






Wednesday: Took the day off.

Thursday: Took another day off. I worked a lot this week.

Also had some Birthday dinner w/my DXP sisters at IHOP!!


3 mile run (to make up one of the runs I missed)
Dumbbell Squats 3X10 (8.8 lbs ea)
Push Ups 3X10
Bent-over Dumbbell Row 3X10 (8.8 lbs ea)
Ab workout

Comfest and the best pizza ever after my workout.



Saturday: BIRTHDAY CAKE for breakfast!


Rest day today.


7.2 mile hill run. I felt pretty good by the end of the run. It seems that I’m actually starting to get in better shape! A few weeks ago if I tried to run up hills, I’d be exhausted. Now just to focus on eating healthier.

Dinner was pretty tasty. Pesto salmon mmm.


Alright…Time to eat some leftover cake!!! I think with my 7 mile run I earned it. 😀

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