18 Weeks to 26.2

Woah. I forgot I had this blog. Maybe I should start keeping up with it because yesterday marked Day 1 of my 18 week marathon training plan!!! That’s right…26.2 glorious miles. I’m hoping to update this daily to reflect on how my training is going.

Day 1: Rest Day! It also happened to be a special someone’s birthday. ❤ So we celebrated with Cheesecake Factory. I now have a 2 day cheesecake food baby.

Here are the goals that I am considering trying to accomplish with my first full marathon.

  1. FINISH the race.
  2. Potentially not JUST finish the race, but finish the race in 4 hours (or less)
  3. Finish the race…GRACEFULLY. (No public bodily functions or injuries please) 

Objectives to reach goals:

  1. Hal Higdon Novice 2 Marathon Training Plan-follow it unless I feel like it’s too much…then switch to Novice 1.
  2. Strength train twice a week.
  3. Quit eating like I’m at a 24/7 buffet. NO MORE CHEESECAKE (unless special occasions) Myfitnesspal will definitely help me control how much I should be eating. I feel like once my mileage goes up I will want to eat everything in sight. Bad idea for a sub-4 hour marathon.
  4. Read stories about people completing their first marathons. Luckily, I own a book of first marathon stories. Check.
  5. As far as the no public bodily functions go…I think my diet will play a big part on that. And not trying to be so tough to skip the Port-a-Potty.

So there it is. Objectives & goals. Now a recap on Day 2.

Day 2:

  • 3 mile run (10:00/mile)
  • Deadlifts 2X12 w/60lb barbell
  • Seated shoulder press 2X12 w/15lb dumbbells
  • Lat pulldown 2X12 w/55lbs
  • Lunges 2X12 w/10lb dumbbells
  • Swiss ball crunch 2X10

Eating healthy did not happen today due to the delicious Cheesecake Factory leftovers. Tomorrow is a new day. (Also, leftovers are gone).

Tomorrow is a 5 mile pace run! This oughtta be interesting. 9:09 pace/mile is the goal. This may determine whether or not I go down to the Novice 1 plan.

Here’s a song to make this post less boring.




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