Am I Done Yet?

Today I ran 7.3 miles when I was only supposed to run 6. Yay for not knowing where I was supposed to turn around!

I used my new camelbak that Jeremy got me for my birthday. It’s so nice to not worry about being thirsty!

For some reason I feel heavier than usual, but my diet seems pretty good.


-Breakfast: Kashi heart to heart with vanilla soy milk, International Delight mocha iced coffee
-Lunch: peanut butter and jam sandwich, almonds, carrots, and canned peaches
-Dinner: falafel wrap, lentil soup, hummus and pita @ Lashish the Greek
-Dessert: roasted pineapple shortcake

Today wasn’t too bad considering that I ran way too much. It is a little disheartening to look at Olympic marathon times and the runners lean muscular bodies though. Must stop pinteresting!!





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