Road to the Columbus Half Marathon-Year 3

On October 21, 2012 I will be running the Columbus Half Marathon for the third time. This year my goal is to have a PR of 1:55. Last year I ran it in 2:01:06. I’m going to attempt to keep updates on my training and diet for those interested in how I can run so ridiculously fast! Hahaha. Or slow. Now that I am a vegetarian, I am hoping that focusing on what I eat will improve my fitness. I’m also incorporating more lifting into my training this year.

I’m also learning how important it is to believe in myself. Right now my mind is probably my worst enemy because my brain is constantly telling me to slow down and especially to not work out at all. Unfortunately, Jeremy will not be running the half marathon with me this year so that is also another barrier for me. I have been so used to having a training partner and I always cherished our runs together so it has been tough to go out on the road alone, leaving Jeremy behind. Hopefully his legs will heal soon so we can get back to sharing our running experiences!

I am on my second week of training, but I am also a week ahead of my 12 week schedule. (Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Plan). Here is a recap of the past week.


I was supposed to stretch and lift, but I rested today.


  • 3 mile run @10:00/mile
  • Ab workout
  • Stretch
  • Arm workout


  • 30 Min tempo run
  • Stretch


  • 3 mile run
  • Dumbbell squat
  • Dumbbell deadlift
  • Leg extension
  • Lying leg curls
  • Standing calf raises
  • Lying leg raises
  • Dumbbell lunges


  • Breakfast: Apple Jacks, skim milk
  • Lunch: Tofurky and mozzarella sandwich on whole wheat, almonds, Greek honey yogurt
  • Dinner: Black bean quesadillas, salad w/ ranch dressing, strawberries


  • Rest (8 mile bike ride total to work and back)


  • 3 mile pace run @9:00/mile
  • Ab workout
  • Stretch


  • Breakfast: Kashi Heart to Heart cereal w/ vanilla soy milk, International Delight iced mocha coffee
  • Lunch: Blueberry scone, Broccoli and cheese Lean Pocket, almonds, canned peaches, 2 Fig Newtons
  • Dinner: Florentine ravioli, cantaloupe
  • Dessert:….perhaps Roasted Pineapple Shortcake

Speaking of…time to make this dessert. Maybe I’ll post pics later of it. Mmm.






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