Reading Blogs Vicariously

The first step is admitting you have a problem, so here it goes. I live vicariously through bloggers. Currently, I am reading someone’s blog who lives in New York City and someone’s blog who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. These women have successful careers and are healthy eaters and runners. I am so intrigued by the ritzy restaurants they go to and how in shape they are. I am attracted by the colorful pictures of food that they upload to their blogs. I enjoy reading about their lifestyle in a big city.

Today, I thought….hmm. I’m going to search Columbus blogs. After skimming through about 5 different blogs of runners in Columbus, I was bored. Many talked about how they were Ohio State fans and how they were up all night studying. ZZZZZ. I’ll blame Columbus on why no one reads my blog. 😀 If I just move somewhere fun and exciting then maybe I’ll have wonderful things to write about.

Today I thought about running, but my foot is in pain. I think I have tendonitis, but I’m not a doctor so who knows. I also thought about doing an ab workout or yoga. I did yoga for literally about 15 seconds and that was my workout. Tonight I went to the HIbachi Grill, which is a buffet, with Jeremy and his parents. Four plates later and I am still my mopey self. I have been ignoring my foot pain since way before the half marathon. I think it is time to rest, but the more I realize that I need rest…the more I want to get out there on the pavement.

Today I was also supposed to eat healthy…as usual. Breakfast consisted on maple and brown sugar oatmeal, which was disappointing after having cinnamon pecan oatmeal yesterday.

Lunch was a California Pizza Kitchen Hawaiian pizza and unpictured afternoon tea, Hershey kisses, York peppermint patty, and a handful of pretzels.

This was the first plate of my dinner at Hibachi Grill. I had crab meat (imitation I assume), broccoli, green peppers, onions, zucchini, and mushrooms in a seafood sauce with a hint of ginger, cinnamon, and cumin. I also tried some sushi that actually had raw fish in it. Not bad. Of course, I had my usual California roll. I’ll leave the 3 plates of dessert out of this blog. Let’s just say there was a chocolate fountain that I enjoyed.

Hopefully tomorrow my case of the winter blues will not be so bad and I can get outside and maybe do some sort of workout. Until then I will lay in bed and continue my vicarious healthy living.

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