Mind vs. Body

This morning I woke up and my mind was screaming “Run, Krista, run!”. I listened because I knew my body would appreciate a good run. 1.8 miles later and my mind said, “Keep going, but this time go faster”. Throughout the run, my body refused to go any faster than my high school long run pace (which was slow). I felt a pain in my tibia. My body apparently did not appreciate this run and refused to go any further. Post-run, my foot started to hurt. This means that my body may stop me tomorrow, too. Some days my mind and body come together and I have a wonderful run. Lately, one overpowers the other…leaving my runs short and sporadic.

What helps you when your mind and body cannot seem to agree?

Today was once again another “First day of being healthy”. As I write this, there are brownies cooling. Enough said. Why are the holidays so difficult when it comes to being healthy? Do they really have to be? Everywhere there is something delicious waiting for me, but for the most part the frigid weather forces me to bundle up and abandon my running shoes.

Any articles about how to be healthy in the winter are appreciated. I suppose I am just in my post half marathon slump. I trained for months and now the big event is over. Now I have little motivation and when I do, I have some sort of injury to stop me.

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