Columbus Half Marathon: Mission Accomplished!

Moving into a new place, starting grad school, starting a new job, and training for a half marathon does not give me much time to blog about training. However, I figured I should take some time to write about the actual event.

At 6:00 am my alarm goes off. I ask Jeremy, “Why is my alarm going off? Is there a reason we are supposed to get up at 6?” He replies, “Yes. We have to run the half marathon.” Oh yea….that. I force myself to get out of bed and put on my running gear. Jeremy and I had bagels and gatorade for breakfast. Jeremy’s parents and uncle arrive. I pet Jake, the cat, and head out. Now it is time to venture downtown to meet 16,996 other people that are registered.

It is one minute until 7:30. We are all packed like sardines, waiting for the gun to go off. I suddenly feel an unexpected rush of adrenaline. The gun goes off and we stand there…for a couple more minutes. Suddenly, hooray! People are moving! “Uprising” by Muse starts playing on my iPod. What a great song to begin!

Fast forward to 4 miles later. Seriously….we are only 4 miles in? Bah! There is no way I can go any faster. I look to the crowd for encouragement. I noticed a sign that said “Hello complete stranger, I’m proud of you”. Awesome. It’s amazing how people in a crowd that I do not know can make my day. I did see someone I knew though. Erika!

I passed a 10K in 58:02. Yea!

After high-fiving a bunch of random kids, drinking water/Gatorade at every mile, and taking a grand tour of Columbus….I sprinted across the finish line (I apologize to those I weaved through). I did not beat my goal of under 2 hours, but I did finish the 1/2 marathon in 2:01:06. My entire body hurts currently and I am extremely exhausted, but I accomplished my second half marathon with Jeremy! We were only a minute or so behind his dad and uncle. Jeremy and I beat our times from last year by 19 minutes! Maybe next year we can run in 1:40. 🙂

Now the question is….To train for a  full marathon or not?

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