Eat, Gym, Eat

Yesterday I had to make up my 3 mile run and weight lifting. First, I had a nice breakfast of cinnamon and pecan oatmeal with chocolate milk to drink. I am learning that when I fail at taking pictures of my food I end up eating more and unhealthier. So I will attempt to get back in the groove of documenting my food, as boring as it may be.

I really like oatmeal when it actually has a nice flavor to it. I used to try to make plain oatmeal with honey and it was terrible.

At the gym, I ran 3 miles in 28:36. I am trying to run at a 9:31 pace because I feel like when I run at a 10:00 pace, it is too slow and makes my legs more tired. I would like to make it to a 9:00 pace, but I am not ready yet. I need to remember to take a towel and put it over the treadmill so I am not constantly staring at how many miles I have ran and the time.

After running, I stretched, lifted, and did an ab workout. I find that listening to bands like Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Staind pump me up (And also add to me feeling like a dude, along with my protein drink and actually lifting). I am proud to be a woman that lifts, but sometimes it can make me feel manly and unattractive, especially when I make faces. When I can show off my biceps is when I know it paid off.

Of course by the time I am finished working out I feel exhausted and in need of fuel. So when I got back I snacked…probably a little too much.

Protein drink, cheese rice cakes, crackers and Laughing Cow cheese

I failed to take a picture of the cocktail shrimp and pretzels.

Jeremy, his mom, and I went to Macy’s to look for stuff for his apartment. Before leaving, I researched a little about a good toaster oven. The one that I had my eye on had several good reviews, then several reviews saying it was a fire hazard. I probably will not be getting that one for my apartment. I probably do not even need one, but it is nice to have for leftover pizza and toasted sandwiches. I guess the oven can do the same thing…if I have one that is in working condition.

Dinner and dessert went unpictured as well. I had steak, salad, zucchini, cantaloupe, and sea salt caramel truffle ice cream for dessert.

Soon I will be without a gym to go to for about a month so I will need to improvise somehow. Soon I will also need to cook for myself. I am hoping working out does not take the back burner. Chuckle.

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