Visit to Columbus

I have been living in Columbus for 4 years now. I think this week I made the most out of this city knowing that I was only visiting for a few days. Interesting how that works. I cannot say that I am a fan of living here. I never fell in love with Columbus and I do not think I ever will. I want to go somewhere with gorgeous views such as the ocean or the mountains. Unfortunately, I am stuck for a little while. All I can do is make the best out of it. I think it helps that several of my friends are still here. Leaving them will be difficult.

Here’s my week recap:

Tuesday: I woke up at 8 am and ran OUTSIDE! It was about 76 degrees I think. Perfect weather. Jeremy ran with me! We ran 3.6 miles. I love running outside in the morning because I get this nostalgic feeling. I am reminded of my high school days getting up early in the summer to go to cross country practice. Too bad I cannot run outside this early all the time. I am not a morning person otherwise. After our run we were both extremely hot and sweaty. Success.

We headed out to pick up our friends, Mike and Zack. Time to go to the Columbus Zoo! The polar bears and monkeys were my favorite today. We saw a polar bear eating a fresh fish. It was grossly cute. We saw a baby monkey steal hay from another monkey and use it to go down a slide. Adorable. Afterwards we met up with our friends, Emily and Laura, at Mellow Mushroom for pizza. Yummy. Jeremy went home for our “trial separation”. Ha.

Wednesday: Today Mike, Zack, and I decided to go to the lake to swim and run on a trail. I realized that I am not a fan of swimming much. I dislike touching the bottom with my feet. I also dislike swimming too far out knowing that there are more fish. Putting on SPF 85 is also not that enjoyable. And I do not like knowing that people pee in the water (Michael…) Okay, Jeremy. I guess you are right. Swimming is no fun outdoors.

Then came the trail run. Running in 90 degree weather is a bad idea. Also, tying your shirt to a pole with a nest of wasps is a bad idea. Stealing your shirt back from the wasps is worse (Zachary…) We probably ran 800 meters at most. Maybe 1200. My ankle pain worked its way up to my shin. Boo.

Mike made me dinner. Yay!

Then I headed over to my sorority sister’s house (Steph). Steph made me smores!

Thursday: I failed at my 6X400 interval workout yesterday and I failed at my 3 mile run/lifting today. I also failed at every plan I had today except for a bonfire at Steph’s. Turns out I am fairly broke so I had to skip my dinner plans to go to a Japanese steakhouse. Instead I went to Johnny Rockets with my friend, Beth and had a not so great grilled chicken sandwich. Ooh, and I had Jeni’s ice cream with Steph! Salty caramel, Backyard mint, and Sweet corn and black raspberry. Delicious!

I got to hang out with several sorority sisters at Steph’s bonfire (circle of people in the dark….the actual fire did not last long haha) Then a few of us headed to a club where I got beer spilled on my legs and shoes. When I turned around to yell at the guy he had already vanished into the crowd. Grr. Usually I would not even bother yelling at someone in a bar, but I was really annoyed. It was a lot of spilled beer. Either way, I had a lot of fun.

Friday: Today Steph made me a tasty breakfast. I think it was called a frittata. I had lunch with my former bosses and coworker. We went to El Vaquero. I got the usual vegetarian burrito and we drank margaritas. Later I discovered that drinking was a terrible idea. Catching up was fun though. Erika, my former coworker, had to pay 20 dollars for parking. Ew.

Jeremy came back to pick me up after our “trial separation”! Trial separation is what Jeremy’s dad called my visit to Columbus because for the past month we have pretty much been together 24/7 and this would be the first time since then that we went our separate ways. I missed my boyfriend, but it was a nice break to hang out with friends and have “slumber party talk”. Haha.

We headed to Red Mango for frozen yogurt with my sorority daughter, Lauren. Red Mango is so delicious! Then we went over to have a dinner party with our good friends, Mike, Zack, Laura, Emily, and Chris. Mike made us a tasty dinner, although I soon felt hungover and could not really enjoy it. Correction: I do not think I was actually hungover. I still feel sick to my stomach with a headache as well and it is a day later. My thoughts are that I got food poisoning from either the Mexican restaurant or Johnny Rockets. My bet is Johnny Rockets. That chicken sandwich was just really sketchy. 😦 We had stuffed peppers and corn chowder. Zack made us delicious bread, and Laura made us blueberry pie that I have yet to eat because of my stomach issues. 😦

On the bright side, I completed my workout for today…which was to rest! Haha. After dinner Jeremy and I left. My trip to Columbus was a success, however, I did not get to see everyone that I wanted to see. Do not fear, I will be back soon!

Here are pictures of my visit. I’m too lazy to put them in there respective places in the post…

Chipotle Chicken Wrap from Columbus Zoo

Stacy's Pita Chips from Columbus Zoo

House Special/Mega Veggie pizza from Mellow Mushroom

Mega Veggie pizza

"Paint me like one of your French ladies"

Athena and Jake kissing

"I saw that."

Salad Mike made me for dinner

Mushroom and Spinach Stuffed Manicotti Mike made me for dinner

Jeni's Ice Cream

Frittata that Steph made me

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