Weekend recap

It appears that I have not posted in a few days. So here is a weekend recap.


Today was a rest day! Thankfully, because my ankle needed it.

Cinnamon Pecan oatmeal with banana

Breakfast was delicious. Usually I do not like oatmeal, but this was pretty good. I think for lunch I had some kind of leftovers. No picture there.


Potato crusted Cod and broccoli

Homemade Mac and Cheese

Of course I had ice cream for dessert. I watched Going the Distance with Jeremy and we had popcorn. 🙂


My ankle was still hurting so I decided it would be best to take another day off.

Pancakes with Boysenberry syrup and a banana


tuna melt with tomato


Cheeseburger, mac and cheese, deviled eggs, salad and fruit (not pictured)

Another evening of ice cream for dessert. Jeremy and I watched Rango and we also ate popcorn. The movie was alright.


I ate a bowl of Fiber One cereal with almond milk. (I forgot to mention that I tried a cup of almond milk for the first time last night. Not for me. It definitely tastes better in cereal.)

My run was extremely difficult and frustrating for some reason. Maybe it was because I had a heart monitor on to see if I was supposed to be running at this pace. I ran it at a 10:49 pace and the heart monitor was supposed to be between 125-145 bpm. It started off at 144 then went down to 30 by the end. I am pretty sure there is no way my pulse was 30 bpm. I ran 2.8 miles then my legs were feeling really tight so I stretched, then ran another 3.2 miles in 35 minutes. In total I ran 6 miles in probably about an hour and 5 minutes. I cannot see myself running 13.1 miles at a quicker pace. My goal is to run the half marathon in less than 2 hours. That is 20 minutes faster than my time last year and for some reason I feel like I am in terrible shape. I was also sort of dizzy during this run. There was even a point where I could not hear. Sigh. The things I do to myself to keep up with this hobby.

Food time.

BLT. I needed this after only having cereal before that run.

Vegetarian Mexican "Lasagna". I had another piece of this for dessert.

I also had pineapple and salad with my dinner. And this for dessert….

Sea Salt Caramel Truffle Ice Cream. New favorite flavor.

Jeremy and I watched Cedar Rapids. It was alright. Well that is all. Happy Monday.


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