Food, Food, and more Food.

It’s been a few days so this post may be a little long. I will do a daily recap.


Froot Loops for breakfast. Jeremy made me his family’s version of a tuna melt, which is fortunately healthier because butter is not used and the tuna is made with celery and tomato is added.

Yum. I happen to love looking at pictures of food.

Afterwards, I ran an 800 warmup on the treadmill, then stretched and ran 5X400 intervals.

fast 400: 7.5 mi/hour                                                                                                                           recovery 400: 5 mi/hour

My calves still hurt so I stretched after my workout. I think it would be a good idea to ease into using the calf machine again.

Dinner was delicious! I had cheese stuffed shells, salad with cucumber, tomato, croutons, and ranch, pineapple, and the usual sweet tea. Oh, and garlic bread.

I made stuffed shells once and I remember them being good, but tonight they seemed much better (probably because I didn’t make them!)

Another lazy evening watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I seriously do not remember ever watching this movie, but I thought I did!


Boring breakfast of Frosted Mini Wheats. One day I am going to make an exciting breakfast worth blogging about! Jeremy and I had to go to my old apartment and move stuff out so of course I gathered my troops of Mike and Zack to help (and throw burs at me). Oh well, I enjoyed the company. Afterwards we headed to their apartment and Mike made me food! The appetizer was a handful of pretzels (not pictured). Lunch was this nacho cheese pasta that reminded me of Hamburger Helper (which I dislike). I think I hate Hamburger Helper so much because of being forced to eat it in my childhood. Word of advice, if your kid does not like something, you should not make it repeatedly. Especially do not keep trying to get your kid to eat it if it is not even healthy! I would understand trying to get me to eat my vegetables, but come on….hamburger meat and pasta….gross. Okay…I am done venting about my childhood dinners.

Along with the odd pasta, Mike made potato & cheddar Pierogies, and green beans from the garden! Yummy!!! Pierogies are baller. That is the best way to describe them. Fresh green beans are nice too.

And of course we had to head to Red Mango for dessert. We met up with my friend, Crystal and her boyfriend, Raymond.

I would be a happy woman if I could have Red Mango frozen yogurt every day. I chose Madagascar vanilla with strawberries, kiwi, Ghiradelli chocolate chips, raspberries, and my favorite topping of all: YOGURT CHIPS! I do not even know what I love about them. They are just delicious.

So today was pretty much a workout-free day that included lots of celebratory food. What were we celebrating? Good friends! Jeremy, Mike, Zack, Laura (one of my best friends who drove 20 minutes to join us), and I all voted on where to go to dinner and Bob Evans won. I was really in the mood for Mexican food, but I was happy with our choice because I got a Chipotle salad and biscuits. The salad was great, but I had the biscuit with sugar-free blackberry jam (not so great).

Now that is a salad! I always feel odd ordering just salads at restaurants, but this salad was definitely one of substance. Spicy, yet satisfying.

Awkward moment of the evening: Jeremy and I were standing outside of Bob Evans and Laura said “Are you guys going to kiss?!” We decided to make it even more awkward and slowly leaned into each other as if we were, in fact, going to kiss. Then we didn’t. I look over and to make the moment EVEN MORE AWKWARD, there is a cab driver staring at us. I can just imagine him saying “Kiss! Kiss!” Yea…maybe you had to be there. Haha.

The evening proceeds with a few games of Flux, then Jeremy and I head back to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Only 3 more Harry Potter movies to watch now and we can go see The Deathly Hallows Part 2 in Theaters!!!

Alas, I will leave you with this….

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One Response to Food, Food, and more Food.

  1. Laura Brown says:

    Perogies!!!!!! Mmm and I love red mango too 🙂

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