Sore Calf Muscles and List of Inspiring Blogs

It probably would have been a good idea to take a rest day yesterday. My calves are so sore that it is difficult for me to walk, yet I ran 3 miles on the treadmill. I feel like I only ran 2, however, because I ran a mile, then stretched, then finished my workout. I find that running while watching tv does not help me as much as running while listening to music. I watched That 70’s Show, but could hardly appreciate the humor.

For breakfast I had Fiber One cereal with milk. Nothing exciting there. After my run I had two glasses of water, Wheat Thins with cheese, and a banana.

Dinner I went a little crazy with Papa John’s pepperoni and mushroom pizza (3 slices mmm), a salad with croutons, tomato, and ranch dressing, and sweet tea. Due to my heavy dinner, I figured it would be best to skip dessert. I wanted to take a picture of my delicious dinner but Jeremy said “People know what pizza looks like”. True, but if I only took pictures of what people have not seen, then I would not have many pictures. I refrained from picture-taking tonight though.

Last night Jeremy and I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I have already seen this movie, yet I was on edge about who it actually was that opened up the chamber. Good thing I am watching these movies again. Prisoner of Azkaban tonight maybe?

I feel that I should give some credit to the blogs that I have been reading that have inspired me:

Eat, Read, Run I stumbled upon this blog when I was looking for a blog to read about running and food. The writer lives in NYC, which I was excited to find out because I just visited there not too long ago. However, I noticed that she has not written since running the Boston Marathon in April. 😦

PeanutButterRunner I also stumbled upon this blog while interested in reading about running. She writes about food as well and is from North Carolina. She also teaches various fitness classes!

Discovering Cultures through cuisine No stumbling here. My wonderful friend/sister’s blog found me! She makes tasty meals while learning about the different countries. When we hang out, I am happy to cook with her! Although I admit she does most of the work.

Beats And Broken Chords Another blog that found me. My amazing friend that I have known forever writes about one of my favorite things other than running and food, music! She also talks about her experiences of course, which are far more exciting than mine. Right now she is in Europe!

I am not even close to being as interesting as these bloggers are, but I am working on it. Any tips for interesting things to write or ways to make my site look better? I feel like I am not using my writing potential to its fullest. Maybe soon I will write a half marathon post if anyone is interested. I ran it in October 2010 so my memory is a little rusty. (Less than a year ago, but my mind just does not work as well as it used to…)

I may not run today. I have to do intervals of 5X400s and my calves are still not relaxed. Tomorrow I have to lift again and run 3 miles. I think I will skip the calf muscle workout.

Farewell friends, have a great day!


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