Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training…Day 1 Complete.

As soon as I woke up this morning I knew I would have trouble getting out of bed. Not just mentally, that’s a given. I had physical difficulties getting out of bed. My calves, abs, and arms are extremely sore. I suppose that means I had a good workout yesterday.

Yesterday I did not get out of bed until about 1pm, which usually decides that I will be eating lunch instead of breakfast. I really wanted a bagel sandwich with turkey and melted colby jack cheese, but I also wanted it to be healthy so I added a slice of tomato. Bad idea. It just did not go well with the bagel. I figured yogurt would be a good addition so I had some strawberry banana yogurt. Meh. The sweet tea was good at least.

So my attempt to add vegetables to my lunch did not turn out so well. Jeremy, his dad, and I went to the gym at about 6pm. I focused on my legs, abs, and arms when lifting. I was doing a tricep workout with a weight of 10 pounds, then I walked over to the mat to stretch. A tall, thin girl asks me if I was still using the machine. I say, “No” as I watch her adjust the weight to 40 pounds. What?! I now feel even weaker than usual. Shortly after she moves the weight to 30 pounds. Yes! Not as strong as you thought you were I see! Okay, so maybe I should just start focusing on my own workout so I do not feel inferior to others. She sits next to me and starts doing an ab workout. I get up and walk away to do my workout on the machines. No more comparing myself to others.

After the gym we all drank whey protein with milk and I tried to curb my hunger with a handful of dry roasted almonds. I think I can assume that no one cares to see a handful of almonds so I refrained from taking a picture.

I was uncertain about whether or not I would like dinner. We had Briarpatch Bake, which includes macaroni and cheese mixed with ground beef, onions, and barbecue sauce. I love macaroni and cheese, but I do not particularly like ground beef and the mixture seems strange. It was…alright. I enjoyed the strawberries and salad with ranch dressing, tomato, and croutons a lot more. Mmm. I love summer fruits and fresh salads. I washed it down with sweet tea as usual. Drumstick for dessert! Does anyone else bite their ice cream?

After dinner Jeremy and I watched the first Harry Potter movie. We plan on watching the second one tonight so I can catch up and watch the last movie. I actually only needed to start from the Goblet of Fire, but why not make a Harry Potter movie marathon out of it.

My days are not particularly interesting, which means I feel that my blogs are not interesting so I apologize to the 0-2 people that follow it. My Hal Higdon half marathon training continues today with a 3 mile run. I will definitely be running it on the treadmill. It’s 88 degrees as of now and I am just starting to get used to running again! Have a great day 0-2 followers and keep cool! (I really hope that at least one person reads my blogs because if not I feel like I am talking to myself. Ha.)

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