Today I ran up the stairs

I wish I was joking about that title. That’s the only form of aerobics I did today. I have not actually went on a run in 2 weeks I believe. I have lived vicariously through Runner’s World and catching glimpses of other runners. I went to New York for a day and saw people running through Central Park. I wanted so badly to be doing the same. Running through Central Park is now on my list of things to do in the future. My body is telling me that it wants to run, but my mind is still fearful of the solitude that I once loved.

I did do strength training today, however. Jeremy and I went to the gym and he told me which machines he thinks I should use to work out my upper body and lower body. My goal is to get some guns by the end of summer! I’d say they are squirt guns right now. I need to work my way up to a machine gun (FYI, I’m talking metaphors). We ended with a short ab workout. Neither of us really know what to do for abs. I need to work on those food babies. So many times I have wanted to lift so I can feel stronger and more fit. Now I feel like it’s more important than ever. I feel fragile and weak. While lifting today I was getting lightheaded. My body is definitely not used to this. But I must keep working at it.

We “rewarded” ourselves with a protein drink and lunch. Jeremy informed me that if I have too much protein then my sweat will start to smell acidic. I will ask that those around me inform me if that occurs. I will not be offended, scout’s honor. Also, I’m not a scout so take that as you will. :p

Monday I plan on beginning Hal Higdon’s half marathon training plan. I cannot guarantee that I will start though. I’m learning that plans cannot and should not be set in stone. Carry on my friends. I’m now going to do something else productive. You should too!

P.S. I also lifted last week sometime. Not much of a story there.

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