This Is The End

Today I walked to my last final of my undergraduate career (if I pass) at 7:00am. My final started at 7:30 and I ended up walking back by 8am. Hopefully that’s a good sign. While walking there I listened to “The End” by The Doors. I felt that the title was fitting, although the song itself was pretty trippy. Is it just me or were those squirrels moving to the beat? After my final was over I thought to myself, “Hey self, you’re already in running clothes due to the fact that you haven’t done laundry yet. You should go home, drop your stuff off and run! (Or sleep…) Or run!” Why not. I’m already awake. It’s a nice day. It’s not very hot out yet. But first…let me take some pictures of this duck family.

By the time I walked home and went back outside it was around 8:30 and already getting warmer. I ran a mile to the gym and decided that I would stretch, do an ab workout, and lift. Nothing exciting there. I did find that one of my biceps is noticeably larger than the other. That’s super annoying. I decided to run the mile back home and as I was passing the ducks, one flew right in front of me and starting making this crazy noise. I really thought it was going to hit me. I’m guessing it remembered me from before. Ducks really prefer the private life. They hate being disturbed by people snapping pictures. So I guess they sent the duck suicide bomber after me. Anyways, enough about ducks.

Oh yea, I ran yesterday too. Finals got in the way of blogging. My friend, Mike, and I went to the gym and ran an 800 warm-up on the track, then did 2 mile repeats. I finished the first in 7:22 and the second in 8:00. That’s pretty good for a slow runner like myself. Then I did a 3.1 mile cool-down on the bike. My chest was hurting incredibly, I was out of breath, and I felt like I was going to throw up after each mile repeat. I think I went out too fast, but at least I know I actually have potential. This half marathon training isn’t looking so terrible after all. I technically haven’t started yet. Official training starts June 25th. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome, but be prepared in case we run at different paces. If you are too fast I will not try to keep up with you, then end up burning out. If you are too slow, I may leave you. (In reality, I will probably do the exact opposite. I don’t like leaving people behind and sometimes I push myself too hard. However, I’m thinking ideally at the moment.) 🙂

I graduate college in 4 days. Woohoo.

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