“I Think I Swallowed Another Bug”

Today I ran with my sorority sister/daughter, Lauren (yea…we like to say our family is a little strange). We drove to the trail so we could enjoy the beauty of the scenery before we got tired and wanted to turn around. We decided to attempt to run 35 minutes. It was after 8pm. I haven’t ran outside that late in awhile. It was nice to just take a break from studying (ahem. pretending to study) and run with a great friend. 🙂 We may or may not have swallowed a couple bugs, but hey, every runner needs a little protein boost! As we ran we passed baseball players, kids playing, people walking dogs, and bicyclists. This reminded me why I love running so much. Just being outside is wonderful. We ran for 20 minutes, then walked for a bit. Finally, we ran for another 10 minutes. The total mileage was 2.45 miles (including walking). I’m glad I ran today, but I think I should buy some bugspray. Once finals are over, I’m hoping to run more and write in more detail about my adventures…but until then, whoever reads this will just get the main idea of my run.

Update: So I forgot to mention some of the random things that happened during our run that Lauren reminded me of.

-We saw people fishing in the water, which Lauren thought was cool because they were actually standing in the middle of the river.

-We saw a guy almost catch a fish, but then it got away

-These teenage boys were riding their bikes and hollering at us

-We saw a dog that looked like it was going to pass out.

-I also pointed out this shirt that this girl was wearing. It said “I ❤ my boyfriend” As much as I love my boyfriend, I would not wear that shirt.

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2 Responses to “I Think I Swallowed Another Bug”

  1. stephanie says:

    I have been running too, but way later, like midnight. But I enjoy the opposite of what you enjoy. I love the quietness of the street and the way that flowers smell without having to compete with the scents of the local fast food restaurants. It is quite amazing the difference between campus (well north campus) at night at in the morning. It is quite peaceful when Bruno Mars and I run together.

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