A Day Without Running

I didn’t run today because of the weather, eating at Chipotle, and writing my paper. Right now I have this empty feeling in my stomach, but not from running. Sometimes I think too much about things I can’t change. As I write, a warm tear rolls down my cheek. It’s amazing how this can make me feel alive. I guess it’s alright to take a day off and let my emotions work out themselves. It’s good to know who and what is important in my life. Often I feel fragile and weak. That is why running is so appealing to me. It makes me feel like I have strength and endurance even at my toughest times.

Tomorrow I hope to run and gain that runner’s high that I need. But until then, I will give my mind permission to get the best of me. For tomorrow, I will build myself back up. Muscles have to tear before they can rebuild. Good night one or two people that reads this.

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