Saying Goodbye

Today I said goodbye to the kids at my job as an after school volunteer. It’s strange saying goodbyes. I won’t get to know if I helped them become successful adults. I can no longer see their smiling faces or complain to others about how much they hate me and don’t even know my name. By the end of the year, they called me by my name and hugged me when I said I was leaving. I can only hope that I was a positive influence in their lives. Knowing that they are in a bad area and are not seen by most as kids with potential breaks my heart. There’s nothing left for me to do, but stand on the sidelines. So I walk home, but now what? I hold in my tears as I lace up my running shoes. It’s time to move on.

When I’m upset, nothing clears my head like a good run. I had to run as soon as possible because it’s my own form of therapy. Today I ran 3 miles around campus. Although my body was hurting from lifting yesterday, I still felt like tension was being released. I’m not really sure what I thought about, but when I arrived home I felt somewhat better. My career aspirations are going to provide me with several opportunities to change youth’s lives and with those opportunities I must say goodbye.

I will leave whoever reads this with a song by Flyleaf that I love to sing to my nieces and nephew. I was singing it once and they loved it. They actually thought it was my song when they heard it on my Ipod.

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