In Need of Inspiration

Yesterday I decided that I need some kind of runner as a role model to help motivate me. I was reading about Shalane Flanagan in my Runner’s World magazine and thought that she would be a good inspiration. She is a 29 year old Olympic runner who won 2nd place at the New York City marathon this year. The problem is that I really need a great runner that started off being not-so-great. Shalane’s parents are both marathon runners and her mother held the women’s marathon world record for 3 years. This was her destiny. I’m not sure if my parents even understand my fascination with running. I need someone like me that started her running career in high school and was considered to be one of the slower runners. Then BAM! She trains really hard and takes minutes off of her time! She’ll work her way up to be a successful distance runner, winning medals and all that jazz. Well, I don’t know a success story like that so I guess I will have to be my own inspiration.

Today Jeremy and I went to Yellow Springs to run 3 miles on the bike trail. It started off simple and I felt like I could even carry on a conversation. It was beautiful out today and I was just enjoying being in the moment. The air smelled like wildflowers so I tried to breathe in through my nose so I could enjoy it. My paper that is due on Wednesday didn’t matter. The fact that I am graduating in three weeks didn’t matter. Nothing mattered except what was going on right then. This is one thing about running that I love. There are some days that I can just let my mind relax. Today was one of those days for at least the first 1.5 miles.

When we turned around at the 1.5 mile mark is when things began to get difficult. I began to think “How am I going to run 5 miles tomorrow?”. My legs were starting to feel the stress from the pavement. I felt hotter and more dehydrated. But once we reached our destination I felt a sense of accomplishment. Nothing exciting happened on today’s running adventure. Just a couple running on a bike trail. No big deal. Maybe tomorrow we’ll encounter a bear that escaped from the zoo or something.

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