“Now Our Lives Are Changing Fast”

I’ve been inspired by a few friends that are currently writing blogs. I have wanted to write for a long time, but the problem is that I’m not exactly sure what to write about. I would not say that my life is much of an adventure, but maybe I’m just being modest. My attempt is to include daily ramblings about my experience as a runner. It is a hobby of mine that I wish I took more seriously. So why not write a blog for motivation? If you dislike running, you may dislike this blog. However, if you like me and my awesomeness…maybe you will read it anyways. Maybe I will be an inspiration!

Today was Day 1 of returning to this delightful activity after two weeks of having a terrible cold (I think) that caused me to talk like a boy going through puberty, an ogre, and eventually someone that could only sing “The Whisper Song” successfully. Now I am back and feeling like it’s my first day of running ever.

I glide down the hill at my boyfriend’s house (Jeremy for those who are unaware) and embark on a journey around his Springfield neighborhood. Unfortunately, he could not join me because today is his rest day. So it’s just me, Arcade Fire, and the open road. Going down a hill I am reminded why I hate spring by a bug that flies in my hair. I try not to stop as I frantically try to remove it from my hair. Two dogs start barking at me as I smile remembering that people around here have invisible fences. The bug is finally gone, I think, and I can continue. My legs are weak and I feel like I’m barely moving. My mind is racing, but my body refuses to cooperate.

When I decided to run cross country in high school, I grabbed a bottle of water and made my way to the tennis courts to meet the team for summer training. The only runners that showed up were a group of the guys. I was the only girl. Just my luck. Racing down the street is a pack of lean adolescent boys with a tiny redheaded girl trailing behind them. I made it two blocks and stopped. I remember thinking, “This isn’t for me”, as I panted heavily. One of the guys, Sam, noticed that I was behind and turned around to run with me. He had me throw my water bottle down and we jogged towards the others. I’m thankful that he didn’t leave me behind because I wasn’t going to be able to begin this without a little push. That day I probably ran 2 miles at most, but it was the beginning of being able to call myself a runner.

I ease my way back into the present moment. Today it is hot and humid. I wish I didn’t have fair skin on days like this. My legs are itching from the sweat, but the run is nearing an end. I switch to “We Used to Wait” by Arcade Fire on my ipod and think about the lyrics “Now our lives are changing fast, hope that something pure can last”. This is one of my favorite songs to run to, perhaps because of the music video. We Used to Wait by Arcade Fire. Now I have some motivation to push to the finish. Day 1 of my running adventure is complete. I will now leave whoever is bored enough to read this so I can shower the bug, sweat, and body odor away.

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2 Responses to “Now Our Lives Are Changing Fast”

  1. Laura Brown says:

    I just read through all of your posts, and now I feel like I really ought to work out. I hate that working out gives me migraines now, but I would love to feel that adrenaline, stress relief, and feeling of bodily strength again. Also, I think you are a great writer and that it’s amazing that you have stuck with running and keep pushing yourself. I know you’re going to end up somewhere great one day. You’re going to be someone great, and you will inspire others.

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